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Millionaire in 1year

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  def_jammer, Jul 18 2007

hey guys long time ago since my last post.not that much happened iam playing nl200 right now but not longer at stars games are way tougher there. tomorrow i will head to vienna to play live poker i hope this is gonna be awesome but iam a bit nervous cuz its my first time to play live its gonna be 1/2 € nl and probably some low buyin donkaments well hope its gonna be fun.anyways i just finished my stake with nutshot this boy´s HOT it just took him like a week to go on his own and he also added a nice 100$ profit for me so crazy i knew that staking him was the right thing to do.guys i give you one good advice stake him for the wcoop id do it myself but i cant afford it at the moment. oh well cu bitchez holla

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Finally done with nl100
  def_jammer, May 06 2007

Heey gaays whats up my name is Jannis lol i know it sounds pretty gaay but fuck it. iam from germany 18 years old and still go to school >.< lately i was playing nl100 on stars with my id taff_fish and most of it was on fr till i decided one day after running like horseshit to give sh a try because everyone is talking about how great it is .well what can i say you guys are right the players are just awful.iam probably not much better but who cares if i keep winning some monnies.i just decided to give nl200 a shot most of you guys probably would call me a br nit because i did wait till i reached 9k but you know what ? i dont care i just want to feel save when i make my decisions and not have to worry about it when i push my 72o on AKQ board. past days were great i lost motivation on poker but a good friend really got me to start play focused again and yeah iam running hot asss fUCK!! BITCHEZZ!! yesterday i had my biggest payday which was 8buyins today i only got 6 but it still feels great i hope i dont get a cooler on nl200 well when i drop to 8k iam probably moving back till i reach 9k again soo stay tuned !! wait i post some stats


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